Maze: Craft Vivid Images from Text



Maze Guru, your artistic ally, crafts vivid images from text or existing visuals with 2000+ styles. It's multilingual, high-definition, and ready for creators on Discord, iOS, Android, web, and beyond. Ready to dive in?

What are the main features and benefits of Maze?


  • It offers AI artistic creations: Maze Guru’s advanced AI algorithms craft diverse art forms, from images to paintings and drawings.
  • It offers consistent quality:  You can enjoy a stable and consistent diffusion of artistic results.
  • It does stunning AI imagery: You can produce AI-crafted images brimming with intricate details.
  • It creates expressive AI paintings: You can create fashion artistic AI-generated paintings in mere seconds.
  • It does effortless AI drawings: You can create realistic AI-driven drawings effortlessly.
  • It offers inspiring AI art prompts: You can employ AI-generated prompts to spark and guide your creative journey.



How much is it?


Accessing our Discord server is free! Upon joining, enjoy a complimentary set of points for the AI image generator. When you’ve exhausted your points, consider premium subscription for uninterrupted creative flow.



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