Membr Notes: Stay Organized With Your Notes Companion

Membr Notes


Tired of scattered notes and disorganized research? Meet Membr, your web note-taking companion, designed for better writing and instant cross-tab access. Explore Membr for Chrome, featuring AI-driven summaries, a powerful editor, and easy image/GIF integration!  

What are the main features of Membr Notes?


  • AI-powered summaries: You can efficiently extract content essence with concise AI-generated summaries of web material.
  • Rich editor: You can organize notes effortlessly with formatting, bullet points, headings, ensuring structure and visual appeal.
  • Image/GIF integration: You can easily incorporate visuals via drag-and-drop, enhancing note engagement and understanding.



Is Membr Notes for me?


Membr is designed for anyone seeking an efficient and organized note-taking solution on the web. Whether you’re a student, a professional, a researcher, or simply someone who wants to improve your online note-keeping, Membr is your ideal ally.

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