MetaVoice Studio: Your AI Voice Changer

MetaVoice Studio AI tool


MetaVoice Studio is a platform that changes voice-over creation. Infuse your work with genuine emotion and authenticity using ultra-realistic, human-like voices for a studio-quality experience.

What are the main features and benefits of MetaVoice Studio?


  • It allows you to experience authentic human-like voices: Infuse your work with ultra-realistic, human-like voices that stir emotion.
  • You can create your online persona: Customize voice-overs to resonate with your brand, shaping an identity that aligns with your online presence.
  • It does AI voice chang in just one-click: Turn any input into a voice-over with studio-grade quality in an instant.
  • You can navigate a user-friendly interface:  Easily navigate the friendly dashboard for effortless voice-over crafting, ensuring your creative process remains smooth and enjoyable.


How to use MetaVoice?




What are the use cases of MetaVoice?


Video: You can enrich your videos with captivating, professional voice-overs that grab your viewers’ attention.
Podcast: You can craft compelling podcast episodes using expressive, high-quality voices that resonate.
Audio: You can immerse yourself in audio experiences brought to life with lifelike and emotive voices.
Online: You can elevate your online presentations with polished and engaging voice-overs, leaving a lasting impact.


What plans does it offer?


The free plan provides you with the opportunity to record for up to 5 minutes. You’ll have access to a selection of 8 distinct voice avatars and can convert up to 30 seconds of audio in a single request, tailored for personal usage.
For those seeking more, our paid plans offer a variety of options. Ranging from $10 to $25 per month, they come with a commercial license, grant access to up to 42 unique voice avatars, and allow for conversions spanning 30 minutes to a full 24 hours per month.


Tips for achieving top-notch recordings


Employ a premium microphone and maintain a natural speaking style for optimal results.

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