Midgenie: Create Videos from Text



Are you struggling to find an efficient solution for dubbing videos in multiple languages or creating videos from text? Introducing Generative AI for dubbing & creating videos, a versatile tool designed to address these challenges. With the ability to dub existing videos in over 40 natural languages and generate videos from text, this tool caters to the needs of content creators, marketers, production houses, and businesses!

What are the benefits of Midgenie?


  • You can easily connect with diverse audiences: Go global by quickly creating dubbed videos in various languages and cultures.
  • You will save your money: Say goodbye to expenses on hiring voice actors and booking recording spaces, as our software offers a budget-friendly alternative.
  • You will save your time: Streamline your workflow with automated dubbing processes, giving you more time for other creative endeavors.
  • Consistency assured: Ensure a uniform voice quality and tone across all your videos, enhancing brand coherence and viewer engagement.



How to use this tool?


To utilize this tool for dubbing your videos, follow these three simple steps. First, upload your video or input your desired text into the platform. Next, select from a wide range of over 40 human-like voices to dub your content. With 99% accurate translation available for all global languages, you can ensure your message reaches audiences worldwide. Finally, download the dubbed video with confidence, as the lip-sync feature provides studio-like quality, seamlessly synchronizing the audio with the visuals. With this intuitive process, you can effortlessly create captivating content without the need for a studio setup, harnessing the power of realistic AI voices and animated AI actors to bring your ideas to life.

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