MidReal: Co-create Interactive Stories with AI



Have you tried MidReal? This platform empowers you to co-create interactive stories with AI! Begin with a single sentence, then make choices to shape the narrative in endless directions. Are you ready to explore any genre, from realistic fiction to fantastical adventures, and unleash your creativity?

What are the main features and benefits of MidReal?


  • You can embark on AI-powered co-creation: Craft interactive stories with an advanced AI that comprehends context and memory, ensuring a rich storytelling experience.


  • You can explore endless possibilities: Dive into infinite story branches based on your choices, allowing for diverse and dynamic narratives.


  • You can enjoy genre freedom: Write anything from personal anecdotes to sci-fi epics, letting your creativity roam free.


  • You can anticipate Video Mode (Coming Soon): Experience stories as interactive films tailored to your preferences, immersing yourself in captivating visual narratives.



What are the use cases of this tool?


There are diverse applications of MidReal across different scenarios: spark creativity as you explore new writing ideas and enhance your storytelling skills; unwind and relax by immersing yourself in captivating stories that adapt to your choices, providing a personalized reading experience; fuel your imagination as you delve into alternate realities and live out your fantasies through interactive narratives; and collaborate with AI in a unique form of interactive writing, experiencing a new dimension of creative collaboration.

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