Nack: Chat with AI and Generate Images

Enjoy the power of AI from the comfort of your phone.


Do you ever just want to chat with technology to make your workflow easier? Introducing Nack, the conversational app powered by ChatGPT that will help the way you communicate with technology! It assists you in creating stunning images and engage in conversations!

Its intuitive interface guarantees a familiar and easy chat experience. Get ready to be amazed by the image generator and easily share messages with friends!


What are the main features & benefits of Nack?


  • Search Function: You can find key messages in your chat history with intuitive search functionality, ensuring you never miss important information.
  • Pin Important Conversations: Nack makes it easy to access and prioritize your conversations whenever needed.
  • Support App Integration: You can indulge in a chat experience that easily integrates the best features from your favorite chat apps.
  • AI Image Generator: You can transform your images into captivating visual content using an advanced text-to-image generation tool.
  • Share and Connect: You can easily share your messages with your teammates!



What is the price?


You can choose from Nack’s three pricing plans, each offering incredible features like unlimited chat history, credits, and mind-blowing AI capabilities. There’s free version which allows for 200 free credits with 30 day chat history. Paid plans range between $4.99 and $12.99 per month and include all the free features, between 15,000 and 45,000 credits monthly and unlimited chat history with full AI capability! Elevate your mobile experience with Nack today!


Is there anything else I should know about Nack?


Nack is incredibly versatile when it comes to image styles. Whether you’re into photorealism, anime, cartoons, 3D art, vintage aesthetics, fantasy realms, cinematic vibes, splash art, abstract designs, and beyond, Nack has you covered. It can even blend styles, draw inspiration from your favorite artists, and recreate existing concepts! How fun!

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