your AI powered changelog Inform your users about product updates without spending hours every week writing releases


Olvy is an AI-powered release management tool that simplifies sharing product updates. With customizable widgets, an intuitive editor, and other helpful features, it enables effortless creation of informative release notes.

Main Features and Benefits of Olvy:


  • Customizable in-app widgets: Tailor the appearance and placement of your changelog widgets to match your branding and design.
  • Dedicated changelog portal: Provide a centralized hub where users can easily access and stay informed about product updates.
  • Intuitive release editor: Create well-structured and engaging release notes with ease using the user-friendly editor.
  • AI-powered writing capabilities: Generate polished and professional release notes using AI-assisted writing features.
  • Integration with popular platforms: Seamlessly connect Olvy with Slack, Zapier, Github, and Discord to streamline your communication and workflow.

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