Openmart: Get Local Leads with AI



For startups targeting SMBs, sales teams traditionally invest days manually sourcing and refining leads. Openmart simplifies this process by enabling sales teams to swiftly construct their ideal lead list within seconds through AI assistance! You can now easily filter and find SMB leads with Openmart!

What are the main features and benefits of Openmart?


  • Explore extensive database of over 1 million SMBs and retailers to uncover your competitors’ selling locations. Review more than 1000 store locators effortlessly.


  • Obtain a list of premium retailers and SMB leads within seconds, eliminating the need for days of manual research. You can experience the efficiency of Openmart’s AI agent, which quickly determines whether specific bars feature a jukebox.



Curious about how it all works?


Well, it’s simple! Start your journey with fast onboarding by sharing your company’s basic information, top-selling products, and target sectors. Next, customize your experience by building your own filters, tailoring them to your industry-specific needs and qualification criteria. Then, sit back and let our AI take the reins, conducting the research for you and providing a list of highly compatible business leads and contacts. As your business evolves, easily refine and add new searches on our extensive database of over 1 million SMBs when introducing new SKUs. Plus, effortlessly manage your business relationships with our CRM feature, automating tasks to streamline your workflow. With Openmart, navigating the world of B2B sales has never been easier or more personalized.

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