Optimo: Speed up Your Marketing Tasks

AI Powered Marketing Tools. AI tools to boost creativity and speed-up your everyday marketing tasks.


Have you ever wished for a personal AI-powered marketing assistant? Meet Optimo, your marketing ally. It's a free tool tailor-made for marketers, offering a versatile range of capabilities, from crafting Instagram captions and ads to copywriting, SEO, video, and email marketing.

What are the main benefits of Optimo?


  • It boost your creativity: Optimo inspires creativity for marketing tasks, offering tools like captivating Instagram captions.
  • It can speed up output: Accelerate your marketing workflow with automated processes.
  • It does SEO & marketing: Enhance productivity with a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for optimization and content creation.


What can I use it for and is it for me?


Optimo boasts a wide range of use cases to assist marketers in various aspects of their work. It enables the creation of engaging Instagram captions and ads, aids in crafting compelling copy for marketing materials, enhances SEO efforts for better online visibility, simplifies video content creation, and creates email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Optimo extends its support with additional tools, including generating attention-grabbing blog post titles, organizing keyword clusters for SEO, providing detailed blog post briefs, crafting effective Facebook ads, and generating compelling Google ad headlines.


What is the price of Optimo?


Optimo comes with free and paid versions. Free option includes 25 requests per day, while with paid version for $29.99 per month, you can create your own tools, share your tools publicly with unlimited usage.

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