Opus Clip – Versatile Video Editing Tool

OpusClip AI tool


Increase your videos watch time by 45% with Opus Clip, a powerful editing tool for video creators. Do you want to maximize your reach and monetization opportunities on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels? Explore Opus Clip AI tool!

What are the features of Opus Clip?


This tool will enable you to produceĀ  20 YouTube shorts in just 8 minutes – tried and tested. Check out what exactly can it do:


  • It selects the main moments from the video for you: Opus Clip uses AI to curate videos highlights to include in your short clips.
  • It detects faces: The tool uses AI to detect faces in your videos that can help creating more personal content.
  • It uses auto transitions: With Opus Clip, you can automatically add transitions between clips that can help your videos flow smoothly.
  • It highlights the most important keywords: Its AI analyzes your video captions and highlights keywords that help with increasing watch time.


To avail of these features you can try Opus Clip’s time-limited 90-minute free trial option and access the monthly 60-minute free plan with limited features and watermarked clips. There are also paid subscription plans for flexible upload credits available on both a monthly and yearly basis.



What kind of editing can Opus Clip do?


With Opus Clip, you can auto resize to a 9:16 ratio with full-screen speaker display, along with automated visual and audio transitions for smoother jump-cuts.


Enhance your engagement by 45%


Benefit from accurate auto captioning, boasting a 97%+ accuracy rate that can elevate your video’s watch time by 45%, alongside free 1080p resolution for impeccable visual quality.


How can Opus Clip optimize viewer engagement?


Opus Clip offers multi-language support, trendy templates, and AI re-layout feature to create visually appealing, on-brand videos where speakers are consistently centered. It helps with increasing viewer’s interest and involvement in the content.


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