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Looking for easy meeting transcription and note-taking? With, you can make it happen! It's a tool that easily integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to capture notes, highlight key takeaways, and even incorporate slides!

What are the main features and benefits of


  • You can write notes and summarize meetings 30x faster: Collaborate with live transcripts, highlight key points, and assign action items.
  • You can save time with automated meeting notes: Automatically record meetings from Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Remember key details with automated slide capture: Inserts shared slides into meeting notes, providing complete context.



What is Otter AI used for?


Otter is incredibly versatile, serving as a valuable tool for online lectures, meetings, brainstorming, and transcribing audio/video content. It’s ideal for capturing notes during various situations like interviews, while on the move, or transcribing podcasts. Otter truly shines in multitasking scenarios, ensuring you have pristine text notes!


Who is it for?


Otter is for students, professionals, and anyone who needs efficient note-taking and transcription. It’s versatile and integrates with calendars for busy individuals!

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