Playbook AI: Create Beautiful AI Art

Playbook AI tool


Struggling to keep truck of all the AI art you generate? Try Playbook AI! It manages all your AI art by categorising and grouping them and it also allows saving your prompts so you can use it any time in the future! Features include AI prompt storage, collaboration, smarter storage, creative licenses, AI art generation, and valuable resources for an effortless creative journey.

What are the main features and benefits of Playbook AI?


  • Generate beautiful art: The tool generates art from DALL-E or Stable Diffusion right from Playbook’s dashboard.
  • Store your prompts: Playbook AI offers a platform to store AI prompts for future use and enables the generation of AI art directly within the tool.
  • Easily collaborate with others: The tool facilitates easy collaboration between design teams, allowing you all to work together on AI art projects.
  • Avail of resources and tutorials: Playbook AI provides you with tutorials, artist interviews, and case studies to help you get started and excel in creating AI art.




How do I use it?


To begin, initiate the creation of a new Discord server and ensure you have an active Discord account. Next, proceed to install Midjourney into your server. Follow the guidelines provided to invite the Midjourney Bot to your server. Once the bot is successfully integrated, proceed to connect your Playbook board to Midjourney. This connection is crucial for seamless operation. After establishing the connection, you can commence generating Midjourney art directly within your Discord server. Witness as your Midjourney creations are automatically stored in your Playbook, making it convenient for future reference and organization.

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