PluginLab: Create and Monetize Your ChatGPT Plugins


This tool not only handles authentication but also provides valuable analytics for a seamless integration process. It acts as a bridge between ChatGPT and your API, simplifying your workflow and freeing up your time to focus on business expansion.

What are the main features and benefits of PluginLab?


SDKs and REST API: You can leverage powerful SDKs and REST API to manage members, trigger events, verify signatures, and decode payloads. Interact seamlessly with your ChatGPT plugin using popular languages like Python and Node.js.


Stripe Connect Integration: You can experience effortless and secure Stripe integration for payment handling. Monetize your ChatGPT plugin with ease, ensuring control and compliance without vendor lock-in.


Custom Branding and Personalization: You can tailor your ChatGPT plugin’s authentication and payment portals with Custom Branding. Modify logo, colors, and terms of service, aligning the user experience with your brand identity.


Event Tracking: With this feature, you can precisely monitor which aspects of your plugin are most utilized and when ChatGPT decides to activate it.


And so much more…!



Who is PluginLab for?


PluginLab is designed for developers, businesses, and organizations seeking to streamline ChatGPT plugin launches, simplify authentication and analytics integration, and prioritize business growth. Whether you’re a developer looking to enhance your plugin’s functionality or a business aiming to optimize user interactions with ChatGPT, PluginLab offers valuable tools to meet your needs.


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