Plurana: Create Cool Generative Graphics

Plurana AI tool


Meet Plurana, your generative vector graphic design software! Watch as it effortlessly crafts flawless vector patterns, prints, packaging designs, and social media posts. With a treasure trove of content and advantage of being scalable and easily editable, get ready to explore countless design horizons!

What are the main features and benefits of Plurana?


  • It offers rich design library for you: Plurana generates an impressive variety of pixel-perfect vector designs from its vast library prompts or user content.
  • Rapid Design Generation: Users can create over 1000 designs per minute in vector format, providing a quick and efficient design process.
  • All designs are available in vector format: It allows you to generate over 1000 designs per minute.
  • It offers free subscription: Plurana offers a free subscription level, making it an excellent choice for time-constrained designers, budget-conscious startups, textile designers, and social media enthusiasts seeking a consistent style for Instagram.



Is Plurana for me?


Plurana becomes your go-to if you’re a designer pressed for time, a budget-conscious startup, a textile creator aiming for a complete pattern collection, or an social media enthusiast seeking a cohesive style.


What payment options are available?


Plurana operates on a freemium pricing model. The starter subscription is perpetually free, offering up to 500 generated designs and enabling downloads of 25 designs. Paid plans start from $9 per month.

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