Praxy AI – Productivity AI Tool for Students

Praxy AI


Introducing Praxy AI – your ultimate ally for academic excellence. Can Praxy AI really enhance your learning journey? Absolutely. Discover how it can simplifies your research, condenses documents, fosters understanding, and aids collaboration. Ready to explore the possibilities?

What are the main features of Praxy AI?


  • You can use AI-powered Search: Quickly access crucial information from extensive databases, streamlining your research.
  • You can utilize Summarization: Transform lengthy documents into succinct summaries, making comprehension a breeze.
  • You can employ Paraphrasing: Enhance comprehension and evade plagiarism by rephrasing text while preserving the original context.



How to use Praxy AI?


In this video you can explore the Tutor Chat feature in detail, uncovering its potential to boost your study sessions and make your tasks less laborious. Dive into the extensive Prompt Library and even craft your prompts – Tutor Chat becomes your ultimate study companion.




Who is this tool for?


Praxy AI is designed for students at all levels, seeking enhanced academic performance and a streamlined learning experience.

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