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Reflectr is an AI-driven personal notebook that fosters clarity, productivity, and self-reflection. It incorporates innovative features such as AI based tags, comments and mood generators to support to help you stay organized, focused, and productive.

Main Features and Benefits of Reflectr:


  • AI-Generated Tags: Reflectr utilizes AI technology to automatically generate tags for your notes, making it easier to search for specific information.
  • Comments and Feedback: Users can add comments to their notes, enabling collaboration and receiving feedback from others.
  • Mood Indicators: Reflectr includes mood indicators to track your emotional state and gain insights into your thoughts and feelings over time.
  • Emojis: Enhance your notes with emojis to express emotions and add visual elements to your reflections.
  • Writing Tips: The tool provides helpful writing tips to improve the quality of your entries and enhance your overall writing skills.
  • Mood Calendar: Keep track of your moods and emotions with a mood calendar, providing a visual representation of your emotional patterns.

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