Retexts: Personalize Text-based Promotions



Are you looking to drive customer engagement and boost sales with personalized text-based promotions? With, you can harness the power of AI to analyze past campaigns and customer data to predict preferences. This enables you to craft targeted offers that re-engage inactive customers and encourage repeat business. Plus, automates the entire process, ensuring maximum return on your investment. Ready to revolutionize your promotional efforts?

What are the main features and benefits of Retexts?


  • Craft Targeted Offers: With our AI-Powered Personalized Incentives feature, you can effortlessly create text-based offers tailored to your customers’ preferences.


  • Streamline Campaigns: Set up promotions effortlessly and let Retexts handle the rest with our Automated Promotion Management feature.


  • Drive Ongoing Sales: Never miss a sales opportunity with automatic scheduled incentives using our Scheduled Promotions feature.


  • Re-engage Inactive Customers: Send personalized offers to inactive customers and reignite their interest with our Customer Inactivity Follow-Up feature.


  • Boost Conversions: Increase sales by receiving expiring promotion notifications with our Urgency Reminders feature, ensuring you seize every opportunity.


  • Manage Promotions Anywhere: Easily handle promotions across various time zones and locations with our Multi-Location Support feature, giving you the flexibility to reach customers wherever they are.


Is it for me?


If you are a retail business, you can enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by offering targeted incentives based on individual shopping behaviors. If you run restaurants or cafes, you have the opportunity to increase order frequency and drive sales during quieter periods by providing personalized incentives to customers. If you operate an e-commerce platform, leveraging personalized promotions can help reduce cart abandonment rates and improve overall conversion rates. As a service provider, you can maintain client engagement by offering timely and relevant incentives that encourage ongoing patronage. For multi-branch enterprises, implementing consistent marketing strategies across different locations, tailored to the specific behaviors and preferences of local customers, ensures a unified approach to customer engagement and retention.

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