Rimo: Content Creation Tool for Interviews



Are you ready to transform the way you conduct interviews and create content? Rimo is here to make your process a bit easier with its AI-powered features. Whether you're planning, executing, or transcribing interviews, Rimo simplifies each step and helps you craft polished written content from those conversations. It’s perfect for journalists, content creators, and professionals who need an efficient and high-quality approach to interviews and content generation.

What are the main features and benefits of Rimo?


  • You Can Plan Interviews with AI Assistance: Get optimized questions suggested based on your objectives and themes.
  • You Can Execute Interviews Easily: Conduct and transcribe your interviews while Rimo summarizes key points for you.
  • You Can Generate Instant AI Outlines: Receive initial frameworks that focus on key questions, making writing easier.
  • You Can Write Smoothly with AI Tools: Use features like dictionary integration and filler word removal to refine your content.
  • You Can Upload and Edit Interview Files: Edit your video and audio interview files directly on the platform.
  • You Can Enjoy an Efficient Workflow: Rimo streamlines the entire process from interviews to content creation.
  • You Can Convert Speech to Text Easily: Benefit from seamless transcription integration to turn spoken words into written text.
  • You Can Edit Accurately: Utilize transcription-based editing tools for precise content adjustments.
  • You Can Export Your Work: Easily export your final content to formats like Word or Markdown.
  • You Can Improve Clarity: Enhance the clarity of your transcriptions with automatic filler word removal.


What are the use cases of this tool?


Rimo is a game-changer for various use cases. In journalism, it streamlines the process of conducting and transcribing interviews, making it easier to produce high-quality stories. Content creators can generate compelling written content for blogs, articles, and reports from their interviews. For academic research, Rimo helps in conducting and documenting detailed research interviews. Podcasters can effortlessly transcribe their episodes into written content, while corporate teams can manage recruitment or internal interviews efficiently. Documentary filmmakers benefit from transcribing interviews for scripts and subtitles, and marketing researchers can conduct and analyze customer or market research interviews with ease. How will Rimo transform your work?

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