RoomGPT – Redesign Your Room with AI

Redesign rooms in seconds using AI


RoomGPT is a user-friendly AI tool that redesigns your room into various themes. Simply upload a picture, select a theme, and see your room transformed. Get inspiration for redecorating and explore different styles!

Features of RoomGPT: 


  • Effortless Room Redesign: Upload a picture of your room and let RoomGPT generate a new version in a different style.
  • Theme Selection: Choose from a variety of themes to visualize how your room would look in different styles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool is designed to be easy to use, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • AI-powered Transformation: RoomGPT utilizes advanced AI technology to generate realistic and visually appealing room redesigns.
  • Inspiration for Redecorating: Use RoomGPT to gather ideas and inspiration for your room’s new look.
  • Free to Use: RoomGPT is available at no cost, making it accessible to anyone interested in exploring room design possibilities.



For Homeowners

RoomGPT is a useful tool for every homeowner to effortlessly visualize room transformations before decorating or renovation.


For Interior Designers

Interior designers can enhance client experience with quick design options.


For Businesses

Transform your office with accurate visualizations and reduce the cots of designing your work spaces.

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