Scoopika: Your AI Virtual Assistant



Have you heard about Scoopika? It's a platform that lets you integrate AI assistants into your applications with ease. These AI assistants can be enhanced with external tools and APIs, making them incredibly versatile. Some of the fantastic features include data validation, error recovery, real-time streaming, and managed long-term memory!

What are the main features and benefits of Scoopika?


  • Collaborative AI Agents: You can create AI assistants that work together and access external tools and APIs, making your tasks smoother.
  • Real-Time Responses: You can enjoy seamless agent interactions with built-in hooks for instant responses, giving you immediate results.
  • Client-Side Actions: You can empower your agents to perform actions directly in your browser for a more interactive experience.
  • Data Validation: You can ensure your data is always accurate with full type safety, giving you peace of mind.
  • Long-Term Memory: You can effortlessly manage your agent’s history with Serverless storage, keeping everything organized for you
  • Tech Stack Flexibility: You can easily integrate Scoopika with your existing tech stack without any hassle, fitting right into your workflow.
  • LLM Support: You can leverage your preferred LLMs while keeping your API keys secure, ensuring your data stays safe.
  • Unstructured Data Processing: You can convert unstructured sources into validated JSON data effortlessly, simplifying your data management.
  • Multi-Agent Collaboration: You can connect your agents into multi-agent boxes or pass them as tools for enhanced teamwork, boosting your efficiency.
  • Vision Capabilities: You can enable your agents to interact with the visual world, provided your LLM supports it, expanding their capabilities.



What are the use cases of this tool?


With Scoopika, you can create custom AI assistants tailored specifically to your needs, enhancing user experiences with personalized and engaging interactions. Automate your tasks to streamline workflows and boost productivity, while effortlessly extracting valuable insights from unstructured data. Build complex AI systems with interconnected agents and extend your LLM capabilities using external tools and APIs. Plus, you can ensure your data stays secure and private every step of the way.

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