Shap-e: Text-to-3D Generation Model

Shap-e AI tool


Introducing Shap-E, a tool for crafting 3D objects shaped by specific text or images. It generates diverse shapes and designs, streamlining creative workflows for designers, artists, and architects. You can no easily produce high-quality 3D models and save your valuable time!

What are the main features and benefits of Shap-e?


  • Create your own 3D object: Shap-E enables you to create 3D objects based on specific text or images, allowing for customized designs.
  • Generate a variety of designs: The tool utilizes sophisticated technology to generate a wide variety of shapes and designs, offering you versatility.
  • Use with ease: Shap-E streamlines the creative process for designers, artists, and architects, saving time in producing high-quality 3D models.



How does it work?


You have the capability to input a textual prompt, following which the tool generates a corresponding 3D object that reflects the provided description. Subsequently, these generated 3D models can be downloaded and subsequently enhanced using a 3D modeling software of choice! Try it out today!