ShareClaude: Share Your Claude Conversations



At the heart of this Chrome extension is its unique ability to foster personal conversations with Claude 2. It does so by integrating a "Share" button into the chatbox's action bar, giving you the power to create a lasting link for effortlessly sharing your conversations.

What are the main features of ShareClaude?


  • It Allows You Instant Conversation Sharing: Share your Claude conversations with a click using the added share button in the chatbox’s action bar.
  • It Offers Permanent Link Generation for You: Generate a permanent link by clicking the share button, enabling easy sharing of your conversations.
  • It Assures Privacy for You: Conversations shared are not indexed by search engines, ensuring your privacy and security.



How can I start using ShareClaude?


Unlock the world of simple Claude conversation sharing with ShareClaude’s unique installation process. Here are two distinct options to get you started:


Option 1 (Specially for Windows Users): The Effortless Approach


Begin by downloading and running the “allow-chrome-stats.reg” file on your PC. This exclusive method enables one-click installation of Chrome extensions directly from—setting the stage for effortless sharing. Remember, this setup is a one-time deal. After that, simply type “chrome://restart” into your URL bar to refresh your browser and activate the changes. Now, you’re ready to download and install the ShareClaude CRX file.


Option 2: Advanced Installation


For those looking to explore more, opt for the advanced route. Begin by downloading the ShareClaude CRX file. Keep in mind that, on occasion, your browser might try to block the download or installation of CRX files from sources outside the Chrome Web Store. Should this happen, you have two alternatives: revert to Option 1 or download the ZIP file instead. Now, enter “chrome://extensions” into your URL bar and enable Developer mode.

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