soona: A Visual Measurement Tool Tailored for the E-commerce Sector



Soona introduces a visual measurement tool tailored for the e-commerce sector, transforming how you enhance your product listings. The Soona Score, an AI-driven, industry-standard metric, is creatively designed to optimize visuals for platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Curious about how your content performs? Soona provides Listing Insights by evaluating your creative content and offers Competitive Analysis to benchmark against your competitors.

What are the main features of Soona?


  • Enhance Your Visuals with AI: Get personalized recommendations for improving your visuals using advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Understand Your Soona Score: Discover how our AI-driven metric assesses the quality and effectiveness of your e-commerce visuals.
  • Gain Insight into Your Listings: Understand how your creative content performs on e-commerce platforms with detailed evaluations.
  • Benchmark Against Competitors: See how your visuals stack up against competitors and identify areas for improvement.
  • Set the Industry Standard: Establish a new benchmark for visual quality in e-commerce with Soona’s cutting-edge tools.



Ready to see the difference Soona can make for your business?


Imagine enhancing every aspect of your e-commerce business with AI-driven insights. With Soona, you can optimize product listings on platforms like Amazon and Shopify, refine your marketing visuals based on competitive analysis and performance metrics, and improve brand consistency and appeal across online retail platforms. Whether you’re launching a new product or aiming to boost sales, Soona helps you maximize impact and engagement by leveraging data-driven visual improvements, ultimately increasing your conversion rates and sales.

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