Spade: Chrome Extension for Drawing Your Ideas

Spade Chrome Extension


Make quick annotations anywhere on the web with Spade! Reading through a bunch of text and want to highlight what you like? With pen, highlighter, and textbooks you can do that and even save all your notes for later and download them to show your colleagues or friends.

What are the main features of Spade Chrome Extension?


  • Direct Webpage Annotations: You can easily annotate using a pen, highlighter, and textboxes directly on the webpage.
  • Cloud-Saved Notes: You can securely store notes in the cloud, ensuring they’re accessible even after leaving the page.
  • Shareable Idea Downloads: You can download and share your annotated ideas with colleagues, peers, and friends for collaborative reference.


Keyboard shortcuts simplify tool switching and undo/redo actions, while customization options allow for color, font size, and font changes, providing a comprehensive toolkit for various annotation needs.



What can I use it for?


Whether you’re sifting through text and wish to highlight key points, underline significant details, or jot down important notes, Spade provides you with pen, highlighter, and text-box options – same (but different) as in good old days of pen and paper. This tool is perfect for researchers, students, professionals, and anyone looking to make web-based note-taking a part of content reviewing routine.

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