Speechmax: Reshape Your Audio Content Creation

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Meet Speechmax: Your go-to for studio-quality stock voices, transforming voice-overs. Can't find fitting voices? AI-based tech converts text to lifelike voices in seconds, redefining audio content creation. This platform emboldens creators, developers, marketers, and more!

What are the main features and benefits of Speechmax?


  • Advanced AI Voice Synthesis: Instantly convert text into human-like voices using AI technology.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Ideal for social media content, podcasts, gaming characters, and much more!
  • Empowering Creators: Supports audio/video creators, developers, marketers, customer service providers, and more with versatile voice options.



What are the use cases of Speechmax?


For your social media: Craft audio/video content with authentic AI voices.
For your podcasts: Enhance podcasts with scalable voiceovers.
For upgrading your gaming character: Infuse game characters with personalized dialogues.
For better customer interaction: Elevate call center services with lifelike voices.
For improving your audiobooks: Offer Hindi listeners human-like narrations.
For voice cloning: Replicate voices for diverse text.
For accessible reading: Integrate TTS for dyslexia, learning disabilities, or audio preferences.
For creating personalized ads: Automate mass-level sales channels with branded voices.
For your films: Provide voices for documentaries and films.


What pricing options does it offer?


Speechmax provides a range of pricing options: a free plan and three paid tiers. The free plan offers three voices in Hindi, English, and Hinglish, with limited features. The Lite plan, at ₹499/month, includes six voice samples in multiple languages, while the Pro plan, priced at ₹1499/month, grants access to all 26 voices and advanced customization. The Unlimited plan, costing ₹2999/month, offers the full Pro features without character limitations.

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