SpeechText.AI: Your Solution to Transcribing Audio and Video into Text

SpeechText.AI tool


Looking to transform audio into text? SpeechText.AI has you covered. Just record your voice or capture audio from any webpage. Experience the convenience of AI-powered transcription service, delivering text and subtitles with near-human accuracy!

What are the main features and benefits of SpeechText.AI?


  • Voice Recorder: You can record audio online from your microphone. Complying with GDPR regulations, it works offline and ensures your data remains secure!
  • Audio Capture: You can capture and save audio from an active browser tab for conversations, meetings, lectures, and more.
  • Automatic Transcription: AI-powered service converts recorded audio and video files into text and subtitles within seconds.



How does it work?


You can now easily transcribe your audio or video files by uploading them in various formats and languages with our AI transcription software. Choose an industry domain and audio category to enhance recognition accuracy for specific terms.

Tool’s advanced speech transcription engine employs deep neural networks, delivering nearly human-level accuracy in converting audio to text. You can then fine-tune and verify transcriptions with its interactive editing tools before exporting your content in a variety of formats!

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