Sphinx Mind: Your Personal AI Marketing Assistant



Are you tired of juggling multiple marketing tools and drowning in data? Meet Sphinx Mind, your personal AI marketing assistant! Imagine having a trusted ally that integrates with all your favorite marketing platforms, from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads, to make your workflow bettter and empower your decision-making. With Sphinx Mind, you'll enjoy real-time reporting, data-driven optimization suggestions, and deep insights into your marketing performance.

What are the main features and benefits of Sphinx Mind?


  • Realtime AI-Driven Insights: Get instant graphs and trend analyses that cut through the noise and give you actionable insights tailored to your marketing efforts.


  • Custom GPTs on ChatGPT: Create your own marketing assistant aligned with your unique requirements in minutes, empowering you to streamline your marketing strategies.


  • Prompt Scheduling: Tailor your email inbox to receive AI marketing insights on your schedule and needs, ensuring you stay informed and empowered to make timely decisions.


  • Prompt Library: Jumpstart your campaigns with ready-to-use marketing templates for weekly reports, ad optimization, and keyword opportunities, giving you a head start in your marketing endeavors.


  • Smart Autocomplete: You can accelerate your data entry and ensure accuracy with intuitive autocomplete for marketing source fields and metrics, making your analysis process more efficient and precise.


  • Chat Exports: Document and share insights easily by exporting chat conversations in various formats like PDF, DOC, or CSV, enabling you to collaborate with your team and stakeholders.


  • Slack and Microsoft Teams Integration: You’ll be able to engage with Sphinx Mind within your preferred workspace for collaborative decision-making and insightful reports, ensuring you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips.



Start your journey towards marketing excellence with Sphinx Mind


By simply signing up, you will discover a wealth of marketing insights that will help creating your strategy. Integrating with your favorite marketing platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, Sphinx Mind uses marketing data to provide real-time reporting, data-driven optimization, and in-depth analysis. Engage in meaningful conversations with your AI assistant, asking about campaign performance, receiving deep insights, and obtaining actionable recommendations!

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