Starmony (AI Music Studio): Create Music with AI



Have you ever wanted to create your own music? Starmony makes it easy and fun! With AI-generated unique songs and the ability to sing or rap over professional beats, music creation is right at your fingertips in one user-friendly app. Ready to unleash your inner artist with Starmony?

What are the main features and benefits of Starmony?


With Starmony, you can dive into a world of music creation that’s both easy and exciting:


  • You Can Generate Original Songs: Let Starmony’s AI help you create unique, original music effortlessly
  • You Can Explore a Professional Beat Library: Choose from thousands of high-quality beats across various styles to find the perfect match for your sound.
  • You Can Record Your Vocals: Sing or rap over your chosen beats with ease, adding a personal touch to your creations.
  • You Can Share Your Music: Effortlessly share your finished tracks with the world and let others enjoy your talent.
  • You Can Earn Royalties: Monetize your music and earn royalties on streams, turning your passion into potential income.



What are the use cases of this tool?


With Starmony, you can become an instant music maker, creating songs quickly and easily even without musical training. Discover your musical voice as you experiment with different sounds and styles. Record your own hits by adding your vocals to crafted beats, and share your music with the world to build an audience and connect with music lovers. Plus, you can earn from your music with the potential to receive royalties on your creations. What kind of musical journey will you embark on with Starmony?

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