Superhuman AI: Enhance Your Email Experience

Superhuman AI


Looking to enhance your productivity? Superhuman AI is a suite of powerful AI features designed to save time. Transform ideas into emails, type with autocorrect, polish writing, summarize communications, conduct research easily and save up to 4 hours daily!

What are the features of Superhuman AI?


  • Write entire emails with just one line: Turn phrases into full emails with matching voice and tone.
  • It will edit the text for you:  It will help you with fixing errors in real-time, including extra characters, missing characters, and more!
  • Respond faster to what matters most: Triage incoming emails, focus on critical communications.
  • Type less and save hours every week: Automate typing with snippets, snooze emails, and track read statuses for effective communication.



Who is Superhuman AI for?


Superhuman is built for teams that use Gmail or Outlook so it’s meant for professional individuals and enterprises of all sizes.


What is the price of it?


Superhuman AI comes with several pricing plans, starting from $30 per month.

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