Superpower: Make Your ChatGPT Super-powerful

Superpower AI tool


Would you like to experience ChatGPT with enhanced capabilities? Elevate your workflow with enhamced chat and prompt management, customized instruction profiles, language and style adjustments, and various utilities for efficient communication.

What are the main features and benefits of Superpower?


  • Chat Management: You can organize, sync, and export chats; search history; access pinned messages.
  • Prompt Management: You can create prompt chains, access prompts quickly, explore community prompts.
  • Language and Style: You can choose from 190+ languages; adjust tone and writing style.
  • Utilities: You can save custom instruction profiles; auto split and summarize text; switch models; copy chats; utilize shortcuts; ensure safe mode.



Who is Superpower for?


This tool is for ChatGPT users aiming to streamline chat and prompt management, enhance language and style customization, and access various utilities. Whether you’re organizing chats, exporting conversations, customizing prompts, or seeking multilingual capabilities, it offers valuable features.

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