Tailbox: Your Travel Companion



Tailbox makes your travel adventures with an AI companion that reveals hidden gems, introduces you to locals, and curates unforgettable experiences, all in a single app. Picture yourself navigating a city with insider knowledge, discovering fascinating stories, and connecting with other travelers! Check it out today and start planning your next adventure!

What are the main features of Tailbox?


  • Discover Unique Activities: You’ll uncover activities and experiences tailored just for you, beyond the usual tourist spots.
  • Personalized AI Guide: Your personalized AI travel companion will help you explore hidden gems and local secrets.
  • Meet Fellow Travelers: You can connect with other adventurers nearby and share your travel experiences and stories.
  • Engage with Local Narratives: You’ll delve into the heart of a city through captivating and immersive local stories.
  • All-in-One Travel Platform: You’ll seamlessly explore, connect, and plan your trip, all within the Tailbox app.




Is this tool for me?


Picture yourself exploring a destination authentically, delving into its lesser-known treasures beyond the usual tourist hotspots. Tailbox empowers you to uncover hidden gems and unique attractions off the beaten path. Connect with locals and fellow travelers to gain firsthand insights and forge meaningful connections. Customize your journey with a personalized itinerary that reflects your interests and allows for spontaneous discoveries. Immerse yourself in the local culture, unraveling the city’s narratives and uncovering its hidden meanings.

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