Tailor: Create Summaries of Daily News



Are you overwhelmed by today’s news and looking for a way to simplify your media consumption? Tailor is here to help! With its AI approach, it condenses articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos into concise, unbiased summaries, creating a personalized news experience just for you. Explore relevant news, listen to customized podcasts, and ask about any newsworthy topic—all in one place.

What are the main features and benefits of Tailor?


  • You Can Quickly Grasp Summarized News: Understand the latest news quickly through concise summaries.
  • You Can Verify Information with AI: Ensure the reliability of information with AI-driven fact-checking.
  • You Can Personalize Your News Feeds: Tailor news and podcasts to match your personal interests.
  • You Can Access Balanced Reporting: Receive balanced news coverage for a comprehensive view.
  • You Can Stay Updated with AI Technology: Get timely updates with advanced AI technology.
  • You Can Explore Diverse Content Sources: Access a variety of articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos for broader perspectives.
  • You Can Engage Interactively: Ask Tailor questions about current events and get well-informed answers.


What are the use cases of this tool?


Tailor is perfect for a range of needs. If you want to catch up on the most important news quickly, Tailor provides daily news digests that save you from hours of reading or watching. Students and researchers can gather diverse viewpoints and information for their educational research. Podcast enthusiasts will appreciate custom podcast recommendations that align with their specific interests and tastes. Busy professionals can stay informed on the go with brief news summaries and podcasts during their commute. Plus, for those concerned about misinformation, Tailor’s fact-checking feature helps verify the accuracy of news stories.

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