The Factual: Your Personal News Quality Evaluator

The Factual


Curious about the quality of a news article? Concerned about its research, bias, or the author's expertise? With The Factual Chrome extension, you can get insights into news quality—research, bias, expertise, and source reputation.

The Factual’s grades are visible on any news article within your browser and integrated into your Facebook or Twitter feed.


What are the main features and benefits of The Factual?


  • Comprehensive Source Evaluation: You can assess news articles based on diverse sources, author expertise, and site reputation.
  • Opinion Analysis: You can gauge opinionated content levels to make informed judgments.
  • Author Expertise Assessment: You can verify articles written by knowledgeable subject matter experts.


How does it work?




Who is it for?


If you’re interested to quickly assess the quality and credibility of news articles which you encounter while browsing the web – this tool is for you. It can be used for every-day browsing or else when checking sources for your research projects. It’s important to note that The Factual exclusively evaluates news-related websites while disregarding all other types of sites.

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