theGist: Your Content Summarizer

Unified AI workspace to supercharge humans


In a hurry but looking for information? Try theGist and save your time. It centralizes all of your work apps into one place, extracts the main points from any website article, YouTube video or PDF in just one click so you can easily find and access the information you need.

theGist also creates personalized knowledge graphs that connect your projects, people, and topics, giving you insights into your work that you never knew existed. With theGist, you can:


  • It saves your time: With just one click, theGist AI extracts essential insights from articles, YouTube videos, PDFs, essays, websites, blogs, contracts, and research papers, saving you precious time.
  • It has ‘Read More’ feature: This feature lets you dive deep into the source of the summaries that pique your interest, eliminating any distractions.
  • It has precise video navigation: Quickly navigate to the core segments of YouTube videos, watching only what’s relevant to you.
  • It does PDF summaries: theGist AI’s PDF Summarizer provides concise summaries for both online and locally saved PDFs, with no size or page limits.
  • It has unlimited summarization: Powered by ChatGPT AI, theGist AI offers limitless summarization capabilities. You can summarize as many PDFs, YouTube videos, or websites as you like, without any restrictions.




Who can use getGist?


Gist AI is suitable for a wide array of professionals, spanning corporations, law firms, government agencies, and healthcare institutions. What makes this software shine is its exceptional ability to distill lengthy documents into concise, actionable insights with remarkable efficiency.

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