Automatically remove silence, speed-up scenes, and rapidly cut commentary in video and podcasts.


Save time editing videos with the powerful features of Melville. Automatically remove silence and cut hours of footage in seconds. Customize your edits and export seamlessly to popular editing software for a streamlined post-production workflow.

Main Features and Benefits of Timebolt:


  • Automatic Silence Elimination: Effortlessly remove silent parts and jump cuts from extensive video footage in just 48 seconds.
  • Cut or Retain Control: Easily trim or preserve specific words or scenes, allowing previewing at accelerated speeds up to 4x.
  • Precision Focus and Zoom: Enhance focus by utilizing the letter P and arrow keys to highlight and zoom in on key areas.
  • Streamlined Exporting: Render videos directly to your desktop or export them to any editing software.
  • Accelerated Playback: Speed up silent segments, loop background audio, and apply smooth transitions for an optimized viewing experience.

Alternative AI Tools for Timebolt

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