Transistor: Generate Accurate Transcripts with AI



Are you tired of spending countless hours transcribing your podcast recordings? With Transistor, you can now convert your audio files into text with the help of powerful AI technology. Say goodbye to manual transcription work and enjoy the convenience of accurate transcripts, complete with speaker identification and easy-to-use editing tools. Transistor is here to make your podcast creation process more efficient and personalized than ever before.

What are the main features and benefits of Transistor?


  • Get super-fast and precise transcripts with the power of Deepgram’s AI at your fingertips, saving you time and effort.
  • You can easily identify and distinguish speakers in your recordings, thanks to automatic speaker detection!
  • You can export your transcripts in various formats including plain text, SRT, VTT, JSON, and HTML, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tools!
  • Create dedicated web pages for your episodes with shareable transcripts and timestamps, making it easier for your audience to engage!
  • You can enjoy a user-friendly editing interface that allows you to quickly make edits and corrections to your transcripts, ensuring accuracy and clarity in your podcast episodes.



What I can use it for?


Make your content accessible to all audiences by providing searchable transcripts, ensuring inclusivity for hearing-impaired listeners. Repurpose your podcast audio effortlessly into engaging blog posts or social media content, expanding your reach and impact. Improve your SEO ranking by allowing search engines to crawl and index your transcripts, boosting discoverability. Make your editing process a bit less complicated by having readily available transcripts, allowing you to focus on refining your content. Enhance audience engagement by offering alternative consumption methods, making your podcast accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

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