Travelicious: Create City Adventures with AI



Travelicious stands out as your innovative AI travel companion, meticulously creating city adventures that align perfectly with your unique interests, budget, and preferred travel style. Say goodbye to predictable tourist traps and instead embark on journeys that unveil hidden gems, beloved local spots, and authentic experiences that truly capture your imagination.

What are the main features and benefits of Travelicious?


  • You can Uncover Hidden Gems and Experiences: Discover hidden gems and experiences that match your unique interests and passions.
  • You can Receive a Custom Trip Plan: Receive a custom trip plan tailored specifically to your individual travel preferences and desires.
  • You can Enjoy Amazing Experiences Within Your Budget: Enjoy amazing experiences while ensuring they fit comfortably within your financial limits.
  • You can Explore Like a Local with Expert Suggestions: Explore like a local with expertly curated suggestions that take you beyond the usual tourist paths.
  • You can Simplify Your Trip Planning: Simplify your trip planning by accessing a comprehensive, convenient hub that covers all your travel needs.




Who is it for?


Whether you’re a foodie exploring curated restaurants and local food scenes, a history enthusiast discovering personalized tours and sites, or an art lover exploring galleries and exhibitions, Travelicious caters to your interests. For adventure seekers, there are thrilling activities to uncover, and budget travelers can enjoy the city without overspending. Luxury travelers indulge in exclusive getaways, while you can find hidden local gems and explore solo safely with a personalized itinerary. Plan a memorable family trip or maximize your weekend stay with curated local highlights and must-see attractions, all with Travelicious as your guide.

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