Uizard – Your User-friendly Design and Ideation Tool



Are you looking for a simple way to create beautiful designs? With Uizard's AI features, you can create without any experience! Generate a mockup from a simple text, turn screenshots into editable mockups or generate copy for your designs - all with lighting fast speed!

What are the main features of Uizard?


Rapidly create UI Design: Uizard offers AI-powered tools to design wireframes, prototypes, and mockups so you can create swiftly and effortlessly.
Avail of design assistant: Convert hand-drawn sketches into digital designs in seconds using Uizard’s innovative Design Assistant.
Access a library of pre-made design templates: Check out all the pre-made templates and components for seamless design creation.


Step by step guide to Uizard:



What can I create with Uizard?


With Uizard you can easily create:


  • Websites
  • Interfaces
  • Websites
  • Web apps
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Mobile apps

What is the price of Uizard?


Uizard offers free plan with unlimited free viewers, up to 2 projects and 10 free templates for you to choose from. Paid features (Pro) offers everything from Free option plus unlimited screens and access to all of the templates, while Business pricing model also has a priority support, with all the features from Business model.

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