Upword: Process Research Information Quicker

Get your research done 10Xfaster with AI


With Upword, simplify complex texts, translate with ease, and grow your knowledge. No more research mess - get the key information from any resource 10x faster! Organize your research, tag content, and access it instantly.

What are the main features and benefits of Upword?


  • Harness the Power of Simplicity and Multilingualism: Simplifying complex texts and translating them into various languages has never been easier. Upword empowers you to break down intricate content into digestible pieces, ensuring that you grasp the core concepts with clarity and ease. Additionally, easily translate texts into multiple languages!


  • Organize and Amplify Your Research: Upword offers a comprehensive suite of intuitive features that allow you to organize your research in a way that suits your needs. Easily categorize and tag your summarized content, creating a structured knowledge base that’s easily accessible whenever you need it. No more endless scrolling or searching through stacks of notes—find what you need in an instant and stay focused on what truly matters. 


  • Easily Share and Collaborate: Upword’s collaborative capabilities take research to a whole new level. Share your summarized content with colleagues, classmates, or teammates with just a few clicks. Facilitate meaningful discussions, gather valuable insights, and foster a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish. With Upword, collaboration knows no boundaries.


  • Boost Productivity and Stay Ahead: As a knowledge worker, staying ahead in your industry is paramount. Upword equips you with AI-generated insights, empowering you to gain a deeper understanding of your research topics. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Upword enhances your productivity and keeps you well-informed. Stay one step ahead of the competition and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.



Here’s how it operates:


While exploring a new website, simply employ the Upword add-on to produce AI-driven summary notes. This tool accelerates your reading speed, making it 10 times faster by promptly delivering the essential key points. Armed with these key insights, making decisions on your next steps becomes so much easier and more enjoyable process. Try it today!


How to install it to Chrome?


To set up, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ at the top right side of the Upword website to add the extension. Afterward, navigate to your Chrome menu bar, select the puzzle icon (🧩), and pin Upword to your menu bar.

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