UX Brain AI: Produce Concise Summaries with AI

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Introducing UX Brain, your AI assistant for effortless UX Design tasks, that transcribes data and creates succinct summaries. From transcription to generating concise summaries, it uncovers actionable insights from user research, making the design process better. It integrates with ChatGPT and it's ideal tool for UX designers.

What are the main features and benefits of UX Brain?


  • It produces concise summaries and actionable insights: You can effortlessly convert raw data into compact summaries and practical insights.
  • It transcribes audio and video recordings: It allows you to easily upload audio/video files for prompt transcription and user-friendly navigation.
  • It does contextual understanding: It allows you to trace specific insights within the transcript to gain valuable contextual understanding.
  • It has multilingual capabilities: You can benefit from transcription and insights generation in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.



What this tool can be used for?


If you’re a designer looking to make your analysis process better, this tool might be an ideal pick. UX Brain finds its utility in diverse user research scenarios, including interviews, usability testing sessions, and focus groups. It can equip you with invaluable insights aimed at enhancing user experiences.

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