The blue-check for business


Unlock the power of verified B2B relationships with Venturefy, the blue check for businesses. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Venturefy offers a comprehensive public wiki of verified business-to-business connections.

Whether you’re a consumer searching for and exploring verified relationship listings or a company discovering existing listings for your brand, Venturefy provides a valuable resource for connecting and collaborating in the business world.


Main Features of Venturefy:


Verified Corporate Relationships: Venturefy provides a trustworthy database of verified corporate relationships, guaranteeing the authenticity and precision of the information.


Transparency and Brand Protection: Companies can use Venturefy to improve transparency, protect their brand, and identify potential intellectual property infringements.


Enhanced Business Insights: Users can explore relationship listings, visualize business ecosystems, and discover mutual relationships, providing valuable insights for sales, marketing, supplier evaluation, and due diligence.

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