Verbatik is an AI-powered text-to-speech generator that allows users to create high-quality audio versions of articles and other text-based content.

With over 600+ natural-sounding voices in 142 languages and accents, Verbatik is perfect for a variety of uses, including marketing, education, and entertainment.


Features include:


  • Powerful sound studio:┬áVerbatik’s sound studio allows users to adjust the pitch, tone, and volume of their audio files. Users can also add sound effects and music to their recordings.


  • SSML features:┬áSSML is a markup language that allows users to control the pronunciation of their audio files. This can be used to create special effects, such as emphasis, pauses, and pronunciation changes.


  • Unlimited revisions:┬áVerbatik users can revise their audio files as many times as they like. This is perfect for creating high-quality, professional-sounding audio files.

Alternative AI Tools for Verbatik

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