WaveNet for Chrome: Transform Highlighted Text to Audio



With WaveNet Chrome extension you can transform highlighted text into natural-sounding audio! It produces speech with a heightened human-like emphasis with inflection on syllables, phonemes, and words.

What are the main features and benefits of WaveNet?


  • Voice Variety: It offers support for Google WaveNet, Neural2, News, Studio, Polyglot voices and languages.
  • Adjustable features: You can fine-tune pitch and speed to match your preferences and optimize the listening experience.
  • Audio Downloads: You can save selected text as downloadable MP3 files for offline listening or sharing.



Shortcuts for more enjoyable experience


With this extension you can use shortcut to read aloud (Cmd+Shift+S on macOS and Ctrl+Shift+S on windows) or to download the text selected you selected (Cmd+Shift+E on macOS and Ctrl+Shift+E on windows).


For what can this tool be used?


Enhanced Content Consumption: It can make it easy for you to listen to news, articles, and podcasts.

Assistive Technology: It can help speech-impaired individuals communicate using synthesized voices.

Language Learning: It can aids in pronunciation and comprehension if you’re learning a new language.

Content Creation: It can assists you in proofreading and reviewing written materials.

Alternative AI Tools for WaveNet for Chrome: Transform Highlighted Text to Audio

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