Wonder Dynamics – Bring CG Characters to Life

Wonder Dynamics AI tool


Ever imagined effortlessly blending CG characters into live-action scenes? With Wonder Studio, your vision comes to life as AI automates animation, lighting, and composition. Check out how Wonder Dynamics transfers actors' performances to CG characters!

What are the main features of Wonder Dynamics?


Eliminate heavy frame-by-frame VFX work: By automatically detecting and transferring actor performances to CG characters, including animation, lighting, and composition.


Effortlessly fits into existing pipelines: Its adaptive integration automating 80%-90% of objective VFX tasks, allowing artists to focus on subjective work.


You can export individual elements: Motion capture, character pass, alpha mask, clean plate, camera track, Blender file, and final render for seamless integration and customization.


How to use Wonder Dynamics?


Transforming your footage into an animated film is a breeze with access to the platform. Here’s how:


  • Upload your footage.
  • Detect for actors.
  • Select a pre-made cartoon character
  • Select render settings
  • Export your footage


Check out this video for more comprehensive guide on how to use this tool:



Use cases of Wonder Dynamics:


If you’re a creator across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and beyond, this tool is a game-changer. Crafting distinctive content, weaving compelling stories, and captivating audiences are all within reach.

Considering its potential, it’s difficult to envision filmmaking without this technology. By significantly cutting down 3D animated movie production costs, it’s a boon for budding filmmakers working with limited resources.

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