Wondercraft AI: Create Studio-Quality Podcasts



Would you like to bypass studios and do podcasts yourself? Introducing Wondercraft AI: a podcasting platform for studio quality podcasts in seconds. Voice cloning adds a personal touch and AI scripting generates scripts from bullet points.

What are the main features and benefits of Wondercraft AI?


It offers studio-quality podcast creation: Wondercraft AI enables you  to create studio-quality podcasts in seconds. The platform provides tools and features that help enhance the production value of podcasts.


It does voice cloning: Wondercraft AI includes a voice cloning tool that adds a personal touch to podcasts. You can create unique and customized voices for your podcast episodes, allowing for a more engaging and immersive listening experience.


It offers AI scripting: The platform offers you AI scripting capabilities, allowing you to generate scripts from bullet points. This feature simplifies the scriptwriting process, making it more efficient and time-saving.


It offers music library and language options: Wondercraft AI provides a library of pre-licensed songs that you can incorporate into your podcasts. Additionally, the platform offers the choice of eight different languages, providing flexibility for to cater to diverse audiences.



How does it work?


Wondercraft AI works by simplifying the podcast creation process. To get started, you only need to record a 60-second voice sample, and from there, the AI takes over, emulating your voice throughout the rest of the podcast. Additionally, this AI can assist with scriptwriting by generating a script based on a user’s input in the form of a few key bullet points. It makes the podcasting experience so much easier and efficient by eliminating the need for extensive recording and scripting efforts!

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