Xiu.ai: Your Personal AI Productivity Partner



Struggling to stay efficient and innovative in your daily tasks? Meet Xiu.ai, your personal AI productivity partner. Tailored for professionals, students, parents, and creatives, Xiu.ai simplifies tasks and enhances work quality. Through intelligent conversation and creative tools, it will make daily tasks and decision-making easier, turning your challenges into a pleasure and unlocking your true potential!

What are the main features and benefits of Xiu.ai?


  • Your App, Your Reach: Take control of your creations by publishing them to the app center, reaching out to a wider audience.
  • Earn as You Engage: Every time users interact with your published apps, you earn Gas rewards, turning your passion into tangible rewards.
  • Connect and Collaborate: Join a supportive community of developers and users, sharing insights and collaborating on new projects within the app center.



Which AI models does Xiu.ai support?


Xiu.ai offers a range of supported models, including Language Models like GPT-3.5, ERNIE-4, Claude-2.1, and GPT-4. Additionally, it includes Image Models such as Xiujourney, SDXL, SDXL Turbo, and DALLĀ·E. Furthermore, there are Voice Models like Whisper and TTS, as well as Video Models like Stable Video and Stable Diffusion.


How do I go about publishing my created app?


If you’re an advanced user, you’ll have the option to publish your apps to the app center and earn Gas rewards whenever users utilize your published apps.