ZBrain: Create Custom Chat GPT Applications With Private Data

Zbrain AI tool


ZBrain an enterprise-ready AI platform empowering you to create custom ChatGPT application with private data. Engage customers, automate support, and elevate data analysis with leading models like OpenAI, FLAN, and StableLM.

What are the main features of ZBrain? 


  • Reinforcement learning from human feedback
  • Secure deployment options
  • Easy integration as a prompt response service


What can I do with Zbrain?


Optimize your workflows: You can get an insight into a list of sample questions in various industries. From customer support, education to healthcare and manufacturing. Options for applications are truly endless.


Accelerate your business growth: You can utilize an end-to-end AI platform, integrating ZBrain as a prompt-response service into existing tools and products, enhancing customer engagement and support.


Harness leading foundation models from OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and more:  Refine models using your exclusive enterprise data within a secure cloud environment. Seamlessly switch between Large Language Models with a single click.


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