Zipy: Monitor Your Users Activity to Solve Bugs and Errors



Looking to improve your users' experience? Zipy is a comprehensive debugging platform that combines user session replay, frontend monitoring, and network monitoring in a single solution. Simply install in minutes and enjoy real-time error session replays, powerful dev tools, stack trace analysis, console logs, and network logs!

What are the main features and benefits of Zipy?


  • It offers real-time error session replay: You can now easily and instantly replay error sessions to diagnose and fix issues quickly.
  • It allows for comprehensive monitoring: Monitor frontend and network performance of your visitors to ensure optimal user experience.
  • It offers powerful dev tools: Access stack traces, console logs, and network logs for efficient debugging and troubleshooting.



Why should I pick Zipy AI?


If you’re looking to find potential issues and improve your users’ experience, Zipy is the answer! No matter if the bugs are reported or not, Zipy will identify them with error monitoring, API performance and session replay! Optimize your platform for revenue by using labels and filters to create segments and monitor your conversions!


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