Happyml: AI Chatbot for All Your Need

With Happyml, you can create unlimited bots and engage with as many users as you need. But that’s not all – do you want to customize the tone, appearance, and prompts of your chatbots? With Happyml, it’s a breeze. Plus, you can deploy them effortlessly across websites, web apps, messenger apps, emails, and even SMS. And here’s the best part – features like auto-retraining sources and actions make automating your daily tasks and responsibilities easier than ever.


WaveNet for Chrome: Transform Highlighted Text to Audio

With WaveNet Chrome extension you can transform highlighted text into natural-sounding audio! It produces speech with a heightened human-like emphasis with inflection on syllables, phonemes, and words.

Plugin.so AI tool


Introducing Plugin.so, your go-to hub for tracking the latest AI plugins worldwide! Stay updated on new releases, seamlessly connect, and explore a curated AI plugin ecosystem. Start Exploring Plugin.so AI plugin today!

PluginLab: Create and Monetize Your ChatGPT Plugins

This tool not only handles authentication but also provides valuable analytics for a seamless integration process. It acts as a bridge between ChatGPT and your API, simplifying your workflow and freeing up your time to focus on business expansion.

SpeechText AI image


SpeechText.AI is a multilingual and industry-specific transcription service with near-human accuracy. This advanced speech recognition models are trained on domain-specific language data, ensuring better understanding of domain terms.

Woord - Text to Speech image

Woord – Text to Speech

Woord brings the Web to life with lifelike speech. Select from natural voices in various genders or neutral options. Easily convert extensive documents or books to audio with a single click or through our API.


Flatfile: Your Data Exchange Platform

API-first Flatfile Data Exchange Platform empowers developers to create entirely adaptable workflows catering to various file-based import scenarios, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly import experience for end users. Experience the wonders of Flatfile and begin your journey today!

Lettria AI tool


Experience the power of Lettria, a no-code AI platform for text that simplifies NLP project creation. From text labeling and cleaning to ontology management and NLP training, Lettria automates tasks, increases productivity, and accelerates project deployment.

The blue-check for business

Venturefy: Blue Check Verification for Your Business

Whether you’re a consumer searching for and exploring verified relationship listings or a company discovering existing listings for your brand, Venturefy provides a valuable resource for connecting and collaborating in the business world. Venturefy offers a comprehensive public wiki of verified B2B connections!