Kapwing: Automate Your Video Translation

Have you experienced Kapwing’s AI-powered platform yet? It’s not just about video dubbing and translation; it’s about reaching global audiences! Imagine generating high-quality translations in over 30 languages and pairing them with natural-sounding AI voices, all within a single tool. Ready to expand your reach and connect with audiences worldwide?

Read Something

Read Something: Enhance Your Web Reading Experience

Experience an enhanced web reading experience with Read Something, an AI-powered open-source Chrome extension. Customize your reader modes, generate insightful discussions with a single click, easily translate content between Chinese, English, and beyond, and effortlessly export webpages to Markdown format.

Social Magic AI

Social Magic AI: Enhance Your LinkedIn Engagement

Supercharge your LinkedIn presence with SocialMagic! Strategize your posts, connect with potential clients using AI-enhanced comments, and reclaim your valuable time through smart automation. Forge genuine connections and broaden your influence!


ShareClaude: Share Your Claude Conversations

At the heart of this Chrome extension is its unique ability to foster personal conversations with Claude 2. It does so by integrating a “Share” button into the chatbox’s action bar, giving you the power to create a lasting link for effortlessly sharing your conversations.


TalkWeb: Talk to Any Webpage

Have you ever wished you could have a direct conversation with any website? Well, now you can. With Talk Web Chrome extension, you can effortlessly engage with web content, extracting vital information, and even quizzing websites for answers to your questions!


Helper AI: Use ChatGPT on any website

Would you like to simplify your GPT experience? With Helper AI, you can use it on any website using its chrome extension leverage it to generate text, translate languages, and write code on any website! Let Helper AI assist you in various tasks, from content creation to coding and translation.


ChromeGPT: Improve Your ChatGPT Experience

Would you like ti chat easily with OpenAI’s GPT? You can do it now from any web page using ChromeGPT browser extension. Follow simple steps to install, input your OpenAI API key, and start chatting with GPT easily.


ChatGPT2Help: Your AI Writing Assistance

Would you like to transform your writing tasks? Experience integrating AI into your writing process on every online platform with ChatGPT2Help Chrome Extension. Boost efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in marketing, legal documents, education, and more.

MaxAI tool

MaxAI.me: Your AI Copilot for the Web

Would you like to save your valuable time? Meet MaxAI.me: Your browser extension that will enhance your productivity by making the potential of ChatGPT, Claude, or Bing AI available to you instantly. Enhance your text on any webpage with one click without copy-pasting.

Glasp AI tool

Glasp: Your Note Taking Assistant

Would you like a better web reading experience? You can have it with Glasp, a free Chrome Extension that allows you to collect and highlight quotes, easily integrate with note-taking apps, and share insights. It’s ideal for writers and readers and you can easily discover and save articles from friends!

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